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AB Diagnopath Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

AB Diagnopath Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 13485:2003 certified manufacturing company with world class manufacturing facilities and a senior highly qualified and experienced team engaged in the development and manufacturing in the enteric diseases. The company has successfully developed and launched tests for Typhoid fever in Elisa and Rapid formats which are now being used by more than 500 centres / leading institutions across India The company has also started exporting its products to South East Asian countries.

AB Diagnopath's success has mainly been defined by the consistent implementation of a customer-oriented, stringent quality policy.

AB Diagnopath is certified ISO 13485 and all current kits are CE IVD marked. So potential partners can rely on the quality orientated approach offered by AB Diagnopath.

Therefore "Reliability in Diagnostics" is not a mere phrase for us. As supplier of diagnostic products we are rather aware of the special responsibility towards our customers, and ultimately, the patients. With our premium quality products and our competent and fast service, we are a reliable partner in laboratory diagnostics.